At PROhio Property Inspections, your safety is our concern. That’s why we want to ensure that you have all the necessary information about Ohio’s Call Before You Dig Program. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or excavator, understanding and adhering to this program is crucial to protect yourself, prevent accidents, and safeguard Ohio’s underground infrastructure.

What is the Call Before You Dig Program?

The Call Before You Dig Program, also known as the Ohio811 program, is a state-mandated initiative designed to prevent damage to underground utilities during excavation or digging activities. It serves as a crucial step in avoiding hazardous incidents, costly repairs, and service interruptions.

Why is the Call Before You Dig Program important?

By contacting Ohio811 before digging, you can notify utility companies of your planned excavation work. This enables them to identify and mark the locations of their underground utilities, such as gas lines, electric cables, water pipes, or telecommunication networks. Knowing the precise location of these utilities helps prevent accidental damage, injuries, and costly repairs.

How does the Call Before You Dig Program work?

What are the benefits of the Call Before You Dig Program?

The benefits of participating in the Call Before You Dig Program are numerous:

1. Safety: By having underground utilities marked, you reduce the risk of accidentally hitting and damaging vital infrastructure, avoiding potential gas leaks, electrical shocks, or water line ruptures that could harm you, your team, or the surrounding community.

2. Compliance: Following the program’s guidelines ensures compliance with Ohio state laws and regulations, helping you avoid penalties, fines, or legal liabilities resulting from utility damage.

3. Time and Cost Savings: By preventing accidental utility damage, you save yourself the considerable expenses associated with repairing and restoring affected services. Additionally, by avoiding service interruptions, you can complete your project on time, preventing costly delays.

4. Environmental Protection: The Call Before You Dig Program promotes responsible excavation practices, minimizing environmental impacts by preventing contamination or disruption of natural resources.


At PROhio Property Inspections, we emphasize the importance of the Call Before You Dig Program in Ohio. Your safety, compliance, and cost savings are our top priorities. By participating in this program, you contribute to protecting yourself, others, and Ohio’s underground infrastructure. Remember, before you dig, always call 8-1-1 or visit Ohio811’s website to ensure a safe and successful excavation project.